E3’s Booth Babes Fail A Simple Trivia Quiz With Flying Colours

E3’s Booth Babes Fail A Simple Trivia Quiz With Flying Colours

About a year ago, PAX sought to ban booth babes (pardon me, “costumed booth representatives”), using a number of tests to determine booth babe-iness (as opposed to garden-variety sexy cosplay). One of them was a lack of familiarity with the product represented.

At E3, Bitmob’s 5HP put that standard to the test with a five-question exam of nine booth representatives, one of whom said she worked for GameStop as recently as last year. These aren’t trick questions. You know all of the answers, and they don’t.


  • The main character of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is whatever I make it. If I enter my name as “Zelda” than that’s the name of the protagonist. (It’s why the series is Legend of *Zelda*, since Legend of *Your Name Here* isn’t quite as catchy)

    So yeah, I’m calling trick question on that one, although it doesn’t really help any of those girls.

    • Well the first 2 should have sunk into the swamp, the 3rd one burned down, fell over then sunk into the swamp but the rest should have been fine

  • Went to Antec’s 25th brithday party a while back and they had ‘booth babes’. One of them had a brother who was addicted to Fifa otherwise they really had no idea – but I don’t think anyone on the night was complaining.

  • Props to the girl that answers “Something about John Galt” when probed on Atlas Shrugged. Maybe not familiar with Bioshock, but she obviously read the book.

    • For my money, that’d make her smarter than most gamers.

      (Not that actually reading anything by Ayn Rand is smart… hopefully it was done as part of an assignment.)

  • Young girl needs to earn a few bucks. She’s hired to be a stand-in model at a nerd convention. She’s drilled with videogame questions by a sperglord who demands to know her gaming credentials.

    Did anyone honestly think these booth babes actually played?

  • The “Bee Bee” one that worked at GameStop was surprising to me. I’ve never met a GameStop clerk that knew that much about video games…

  • Awh man, don’t hate on the booth babes… That’s really cruel. They have so much crap to put up with as it is (namely: being a booth babe), without having to be made to feel like they’re stupid.

    (Sidenote: Interviewer proves it is possible to be a) Gamer, b) Hotter Than a Booth Babe.)

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