A Look At Call Of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation In Action

A Look At Call Of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation In Action

Here’s our first look at the next map pack coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops.

In the video we get a quick walk-through of Annihilation’s four maps: Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo and Hazard.

Hanger 18 takes place in Area 51 and is packed with conspiracy-theory Easter Eggs. There’s a nice mix of close quarter spots and strategic sniper spots.

Silo is based on a Russian underground nuclear missile construction site. It is also, the devs say, the biggest map in the game.

Drive-In Is meant to be another Nuke Town-esque map. It’s very small, but still has a nice mix of settings.

Hazard is a complete re-imagining of World at War map Cliffside. The game has been reworked to include a massive golf course and designed to focus on long-distance engagements.

We also get a look at Shangri-La, the latest zombie mission in the game. The map has new weapons, items and ways to move around. This is meant to be a pretty tight map that pushes through the “levels” of the game.

Still no price, but $US15 wouldn’t be a surprise. The pack hits Xbox Live on June 28. No word on PC or PS3.


  • inb4 the whingeing haters….LIKE LIKE LIKE! Each map pack is getting better and better, nice they’ve pulled some inspiration from [email protected] for one of the maps – Cliffside was one of my faves!

  • While i enjoy the new maps everytime they come out, The price is still a bit of a terrible thing. Its been about 45 bucks on the maps after this one?

    Kinda missing the days when game companies would release patches and updates as one thing, Meaning free of charge. Guess we brought it upon ourselves didn’t we, by paying for it every damned time they release a shiny new object. *Shakes head*

  • Wish the Australian pricing had at least some sort of parity with the US pricing… HELLOOOOO, Aussie dollar buys 1.05 US dollars!!! <_<

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