BioShock Infinite's E3 Trailer Is Packed With Gameplay And Blue Skies

Here's BioShock Infinite's E3 trailer. So much colour! And explosions! And great heights!


    This may have been answered already by the team behind Infinite but does this game have any ties whatsoever to the Bioshock universe at all other than the name and the plasmid-like Tonics?

      No connection, but I personally believe the city in the sky will crash into the ocean where it will be taken over by Andrew Ryan and turned into Rapture.

        Damn, I was hoping that perhaps Columbia turns out to be where Andrew Ryan grew up. In the very first trailer there is a big daddy statue in a fishtank (which could be linked to where Ryan got the idea for the Big Daddy design) and obviously the Tonics leading to the Plasmids.

        If they don't take that route or at least a similar one I will be somewhat disappointed but hell, I know I'm getting this game especially if there is a collectors edition like the Bioshock 2 one.

          While primarily linked thematically, I seem to remember a mention of a loose link being mentioned in an interview with one of the creators.

          While not directly linked to Andrew Ryan and Rapture,I'm pretty sure there is a loose link in some way at some stage.

    That last part reminds me of my sky diving experience over the Swiss Alps. Looking good.

    And with that the media blackout of Infinite begins.

    So. Effing. Excited.

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    meh. pretty universe but same boring gameplay.

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