Bungie Releases Its First Mobile App

A while back Bungie began advertising for developers to work on mobile apps and now, as Bungie releases its first App into the wild, we can finally see the fruits of that labour.

Bungie Mobile is Bungie's first step into the world of mobile apps, and Bungie's Eric Osborne is happy to admit that it's a small one.

"It’s our first, small step into the mobile world," he claims. "The first of many. To begin with, Bungie.net Mobile is a native iOS app that lets you check your career Halo: Reach stats, keep tabs on your friends’ online performance, and bestow free stuff upon yourself and seven of your closest allies (roaming charges may apply, call your carrier for details). It's also an easy way to stay connected to Bungie through our news feed. It really is just a beginning - our first, super cute baby step. We already have adult-type plans to keep updating Bungie.net Mobile with new features and enhancements in the months and years to come."

The app is free and currently available for download.

Welcome to Bungie Mobile [Bungie]


    You forgot to mention that by getting this app for free, you are entitled to the Blue Flame perk on your Spartan in multiplayer matchmaking.

    Also a Bungie and All-Star nameplate are offered here too with this app and can be changed via your Bungie.net profile.

    Just pointing it out...

    I always laugh when companies focus on making apps for the iOS. Do they not look at the market share for mobile operating systems? Android is where it's at.

      I think I remember reading something this year about how there are more ios devices (iphone, itouch and ipad) than there are android devices.

        According to Gartner Technology Research; As of the first quarter for this year Android are up to 36% of the market share (from 22.7% Q4 2010) and Apple iOS have 16.8% (from 15.7% Q4 2010)

          I reckon the reason why Android continually gets shafted is due to the wide variety of phones making it harder to deliver something guaranteed to work on them.

          That and Apple's iTunes card system makes purchasing easier so companies probably see more sales despite the lower penetration (I wouldn't have the faintest clue how to buy something on Android - and I'm an Android user!)

            Bungie mentions on the app itself that an Android version will be released as soon as possible.

    Aww they need to make an android one too! I'm not feeling the Bungie love :( Oh well, they seem to have 2 mobile sites and both are fantastic, so it's ok... I guess.

    I'll download this to have a look and pick up any free stuff but to keep track of my stats and friend/chat requests I think I'll keep using Waypoint on Windows Phone 7.

    "phailboat" huh?

    Was this guy on Vodaphone when he made his account?

    That Marathon search icon blew my mind


    I agree, I want more marathon so my fingers are crossed when Bungie on the 7/7/11 saying we are rebooting Marathon, I would like cancel my halo 4 preorder =P no joke

    I wish they'd released this back when I played Reach every day :(

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