Cops Tase Man With PS2 Tucked In His Pants

Cops trying to get a man to stop walking in traffic had a tougher time convincing him when they found out the dude was strapped—with a PS2.

We're guessing this was a PS2 Slim that Timothy Jones Sr., 36, of Lincoln, Mo., had tucked in his pants. ("Unless they were enormous pants," says Luke.) Whatever the case, when cops approached him as he strolled in southbound traffic Tuesday evening, he pulled up his shirt as if to reveal a weapon. Oops pow surprise, it was just the console.

Police say Jones then flung the PS2 at the officer, causing "a minor injury to his hand," and ran away. Cornered, Jones then made improvised weaponry from: a planter filled with dirt; a section of downspout (swung like a bat); and two metal chairs.

As Jones reached for a third chair, they zapped him. Pepper spray also was used.

Jones is was booked on two counts of assault of an officer, use of a weapon to commit a felon, resisting arrest and "failure to comply."

Whatever, coppers, we know the score. Guy was just walking in traffic minding his own goddamn business, you probably planted that PS2 on him.

Police: Man throws PlayStation; officer deploys Taser [The Journal-Star]


    Bloody bent cops! Next they'll be saying he was dealing DS games aswell. lol

    lol they waited until the third chair to tase him?

      Probably too busy laughing at him, taser was just the go to after the joke got old

      well if they didnt wait until the third chair, it would have been police brutality..

      To busy laughing at the pot-plant bat. ;)

    Sounds like he's been playing too much Dead Rising.

    Should have used a Dual Shock as a grappling hook to escape.

    I sincerely hope the electricity from the taser caused the PS2 to start up for a split-second. Highly doubt it though, but would be amusing nonetheless.

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