Did The PS Move Just Get A Little More Sexy?

If using a small monkey to cut off sections of clothing is your thing, listen up. Dancing Eye is coming to the PS3, complete with Move support.

Back in April, a PS3 Dancing Eye title was listed as cancelled, something that made waves online. It seems Namco took note, and according to Japanese game magazine Famitsu, the game is no longer canned.

Famitsu didn't provide a release date, but did provide screenshots, which look pretty much like you'd think they would.

あの『ダンシングアイ』が再び! 本能全開パズルに挑め! [ファミ通.com]


    I think Brian mistook the word "sexy" for the word "creepy".

    Understandable though, it's an American living in Japan.

      I agree with you, I would hate to have a monkey crwaling through my clothes *-*

    JAPAN FTW!!!!!

    I'm still waiting for TSA: The Game.

    Why is it your articles are always the most puerile, immature, pointless and tasteless? At 42 I expect a bit of maturity from Kotaku - you do not qualify.

      Whatever you say, 'Darth'

    Creepy indeed.

    omg they really did remake this. who paid for this? honestly lol. so stupid

    This is sick and perverted and I'm looking it up as we speak!!!

    Sure hope it specifically lists their age as being over 18, else the world will scream "child porn", like DOA:D got.

    I played Dancing Eyes before it was mainstream.

    and the chances of this game getting released in Australia are. . .

    practically non-existent.

    BUT!... can you play one-handed?

    Despite the pervy nature of it, the original Dancing Eyes was actually a pretty great puzzle/maze game. Has there been any word on whether the gameplay has been enhanced, or is it more just an HD remake?

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