The PS3's Next Big Japanese Role-Playing Game Is...

Revealed today, the unannounced role-playing game Namco Bandai teased in Famitsu is Tokitowa.

The game combines JPRG elements (big eyes, blue hair) with, wait for it, third-person shooter play (think action rpg). Parts of the game will have a fixed point-of-view, while other parts won't.

The theme here is "time", but the concept of "marriage" is very important. The game will be serious, yet sexy and comical.

Tokitowa claims to be the first "HD animation RPG" on the PlayStation 3. The game should look like an animation sprung to life.

Tokitowa should be out sometime this year.

PS3 - 時と永遠~トキトワ~ PV [YouTube]


    This reminds of the Island of Wakfu

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