Don't Worry, In Deus Ex's Dark Future, There Is Still Final Fantasy

Deus Ex is being published by Square Enix. You wouldn't know it from first appearances, what with it not being called Deus Ex Cerebellum Equilibrium Perineum XIV-2 or starring teenagers with big hair, but a closer look in this screenshot gives the game away.

Final Fantasy XXVII coming 2027! (Deus Ex:HR) [Reddit]


    "Deus Ex Cerebellum Equilibrium Perineum XIV-2"
    Holy god LOL.

    They should have had a poster for a remake of FFVII.

    haha awesome. i bet you by then it's just constant remakes of VII because people won't shut up about it.

    Oh right, it's cool to make fun of Squeenix. Such wit and humour! I bet Gabe Newell is overweight, too.

      And Bobby Kotick is a greedy pig too right?

      Oink oink!

      You're aware that it IS a Squeenix published game, yes?

      You do realise Deus Ex is published by them as well...?

      Pro tip? This is square making a joke of itself... idiot.

      If you can't laugh at yourself, who can?

    as a devoute final fantasy fan, i can still see the hilarious side to this, and not chuck a little bitch like a lot of people will, anyway, this means that final fantasy wont end for a while :D

    I'm more interested in the bike to the left inspired by Trongune.

    Thank God... I was worried that they were going to rest the series.

    Just don't screw up deus ex like final fantasy..

    Reference to a poorly written J-RPG series in what is supposed to be a adult W-RPG with good writing. Deus Ex 3 just looks more and more like Invisible War.

    Can't wait for a 'purify the world' antagonist!

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