Homefront Studio Shut Down, Series Creation Shifting To Montreal

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The New York City-based developer of Homefront, Kaos Studios, has been shut down, according to a source close to the studio. It’s not clear if the shutdown was due to the performance of the game, the high cost of operating a studio or some combination of factors. We’ve reached out to THQ for official confirmation. Update.

UPDATE: Describing it as “a strategic realignment within its internal studio structure”, THQ confirmed in an emailed statement that Kaos and the company’s UK studio have been shuttered. THQ’s Montreal studio “will take over product development and overall creative management for the Homefront franchise,” the company noted. While declining to answer direct questions from Kotaku about whether the cost of living in New York or the quality of the first Homefront were factors, the company did not that it is hiring for its Montreal, Vancouver and Austin, Texas studios. Plus: “THQ’s UK studio and KAOS employees will have the opportunity to interview for open positions with the company globally.”


  • Homefront franchise? Seriously when are they releasing the other half of the FIRST game… 3 hours 30 it took me. JESUS!!!!

  • Not surprising. Frontlines was terrible and Homefront was not much better. Luckily i only rented Homefront, wasn’t going to be burned again like i was with Frontlines.

  • Great concept ruined by the studio that made it.

    Good riddance, maybe someone else can do something decent with the IP.

    I must admit im sick of games being hyped up, only to realise that you have to wait for a sequal to get what the original promised.

  • “the company did not that it is hiring for its Montreal, Vancouver and Austin, Texas studios.”

    Jeez guys, pul the finger out and seriously consider investigating getting a copy reviewer or something to check these articles before they are posted…

  • First Dice, now THQ. Seems like those trauma guys can’t get a break. Maybe one day they’ll find someone who won’t use ’em up and spit them out after they got what they wanted out of them.

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