Is Journey The Most Beautiful Game Of 2011?

Might be! Developed by Thatgamecompany, Journey is set in a wind-swept desert. You are a traveler, making your way over sand dunes and through ruins.

Along the way, you can meet other travellers, but cannot communicate with them via text or voice chat.

This latest E3 clip shows Journey gameplay on the sand dunes.

Journey is due out sometime this year on the PS3. If you think the game looks stunning on this YouTube clip, imagine it running on your television at home.


    I don't really.. get it

    It's like, art, man. They totally took Shadow of the Colossus but they decided, like, the colossuses weren't arty enough. So they had to go. Then they added more sand. Because sand can form glass and glass can make art. And uhhh some other stuff. And Flower! And then you have Journey. Which is art.

    In all seriousness I'm looking forward to it, seems like a narrativeless Myst.

    So the point of this 'article' was?

      To show off the new clip of Journey.

      The point of your 'question' was?

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