Judge Tricks Child Burglar Into Surrendering Xbox 360

In Northern Ireland, a 13-year-old boy was hauled before a judge to answer for a string of burglaries. The judge asked to know what among the boy's possessions matter most to him. The Xbox 360, the lad replied. Dumbass.

When judges ask a thing like this, they mean to trick you, young criminal. And now the gaming console has been confiscated, to be returned to him "when the charges are disposed of".

The unnamed boy faced five counts of burglary for allegedly stealing two electric drills and a mobile phone from four locations, including a high school and shopping centre, between March and May. The judge also ordered that he be "electronically tagged". Ouch.


    Stealing two drills and one phone from four locations... for five charges? 3 items stolen... 4 locations... 5 burglary charges?

    ... what am I missing? It's been a long day, so maybe I *am* missing something

      3 mobiles stolen from 3 different places + 3 electric drills.

      Glad I passed math and logic problems at school.

        Sorry, 2 electric drills... bit too quick on that math quip I just made :/

          Nope... still got it wrong... I'm just going to stop trying!

            No wait... the math is wrong on the items.

            2x electric drills @ 1 location
            4x mobile phones @ 4 locations

            6 items stolen.
            5 locations that the burglaries happened.

            Yay the caffeine kicked in.

              Gold star for you - Funniest thing I've read all day and a grat, if unintential, piece of comedy gold.

                No, it says "stealing two electric drills and a mobile phone from four locations"
                So thats a total of eight electric drills and four mobile phones.

              It's cute when lay people try to figure out law.

              But it's wrong

      I'm guessing burglary doesn't necessarily involve theft, given it's just breaking and entering at it's core - breaks into 5 places, steals from 3.

      Alternatively, the article went whup-whup and didn't communicate that the 360 was stolen, and because of the value of it, counts for a double mulitpler.

      No I think you're right. I picked this up too. My first thought was, 'Wow, one of those items must have been in two places at once...'

      perhaps he stole two drills and a mobile from each of five locations :p

      maybe its just not worded properly & the five charges include things like breaking & entering & tresspassing...

      Maybe he stole two drills and a phone from each of the four locations?

      The fifth charge was probably for being Irish. ;)

    'and a mobile phone from four locations,'
    A mobile phone? Was it the same one he stole four times... not a very good thief.

    @ f4ction - thats 8 drills and 4 phones. LOL.

    f4ction you've unwittingly broken the CIA's secret code and will now be targetted for termination.

    Actually, I hear the kids boxed red-ringed when he was a 11, and he's exclusively Sony now, so not as dumb as you might think.

    I guess the next thing he's gonna steal is an Xbox

    I wonder if they happen to have checked the serial number of that XBox against any recent stolen item reports...

    pffft, kid is lazy. The Grinch stole christmas.

    Good thing it was his brother's xBox.

    I love poetry, and a glass of scotch, and, of course, my friend Baxter here.

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