Judge Thinks Xbox 360 Infringes On Multiple Patents

A story that's been brewing since 2010 just took an interesting turn: a judge from the US International Trade Commission agrees that Microsoft's Xbox 360 infringes upon five patents held by Motorola, mostly related to video codecs. Note this is just a preliminary ruling and it'll take more decisive court action before anything drastic happens. [ITC]


    and now google own them right?

    Ooooh. Maybe they should get an injunction to stop the sale of 360's. That would put an end to those shenanigans.

    God damn it Luke. More then one paragraph would have been nice. How about writing about the potential consequences if this passes? Or even writing about some thing more substancial until you have more info on this?

      Get over it. i think we all realise that the potential consequences include but not limited to: injunction of future sales, damages and licensing agreements. Lukes job is to link you to things not to write opinion pieces. He informs you of other things going on around the internet that may interest you and hyperlinks you to the information if you want to read about it.
      effectively he is like the person on TV who says the headlines and then says "more at 6pm".

        if lukes job is to not to write opinion pieces then why is he constantly writing them?

    a good sign that the next Xbox needs to work together with VideoLAN to create an integrated video app/codec system & hopefully NTFS support this time around! FAT32 is getting old & stale and also in need of mkv support for my BR rips! ;)

    NO. Videolan are the good guys and should not associate with the games industry rapist, Xbox.

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