Little Deviants Explores Everything Wondrous About The NGP

Little Deviants Explores Everything Wondrous About The NGP

Packed with more than 30 minigames, Little Deviants is the perfect game to get to show off all of the features, controls and bells and whistles of the NGP.

During my time with the game, I had a chance to check out three of the games in the collection. In the first, I tried my hand at guiding a dropping deviant through a maze of obstacles using the six-axis motion sensors built into the NGP.

Next up was the minigame shown off in Japan that had me rolling cute balls around a cartoon landscape. To move the ball toward the goal I had to press into the underside of the NGP. When I pressed it looked as if my finger was rising up from the ground, creating a hill out of the landscape.

A third mini-game used the NGP’s built in camera, getting me to look around with the NGP for flying cartoon enemies to gun down.

I didn’t get a chance to check out a fourth game on display at the event, but I was told that it was a bit like Hogan’s Alley, having players shoot at enemies, and not shoot friendlies, as appear behind opening wooden shutters.

The game won’t include any dual-device multiplayer, but it will include a pass around mode for up to eight people. There will also be high scores and a leaderboard.

None of these games were astounding, but together as a collection played on a device new to my hands, it was a great way to familiarize myself with all that the NGP has to offer. I could see Little Deviants becoming the Wii Sports of this new Sony portable.

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