Nintendo’s Next Console May Have Something In Common With The IPhone

Nintendo’s Next Console May Have Something In Common With The IPhone

We’ve heard that the touch-screen controllers used in Nintendo’s next home console will have a camera. It appears that California-based OmniVision, who among others works with Apple on its iPhones, may be supplying those cameras.

OmniVision specialises in camera solutions for handheld devices, and for a few years has supplied the swish back-facing camera sensors (cameras this small only have a lens and a sensor chip) for Apple’s iPhone family.

In a quarterly results call last week, the company revealed that it had got hold of a “significant design win” for a new gaming console due out later this year.

Assuming Microsoft don’t have a massive surprise in store at E3, that leaves Nintendo’s next console and Sony’s NGP handheld as the only two possible devices. And with Sony making its own cameras, well, that really only leaves Nintendo.

Anyone who has used an iPhone 4 will tell you its camera is freaking amazing, so it’ll be neat to see if something even approaching that level of quality makes its way onto Nintendo’s next control pad.

OmniVision hints ramp up for 8MP iPhone camera, Project Cafe [electronista, via EatChildren @ NeoGAF]


  • There are waaay too many possibilities to get them all down here. One point I do want to make first is that iP4s camera’s quality owes a great deal to its flash and image processing – neither of which sound like they’re part of this tiny camera module. IMHO:
    – a giant screen will go to waste on a “pure” controller. At the very least, we should expect VMU-like functionality.
    – a camera implies a comprehensive feature-set – maybe Nintendo will be bringing back the Game Boy brand?
    – Perhaps Sony has decided to outsource the camera module for NGP.

  • So I can take photos of my pile of overdue bills due to having to pay $300 for a controller?

  • That Project Cafe Concept is one that I would buy. If it supported the NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy… you can see where I’m going here, I will be one happy gamer 😀

    • That would be a start. GBA, VB, new online games are a must -and they can’t stuff up by leaving out great games like Yoshi’s Island this time. Unless they want to confirm themselves as the next Sega.

  • How about Rage cam?! Lol
    Imagine if the camera is watching you while you play, and recognises you when you are getting frustrated at a game. It then snaps a pic of you mid rage quit & posts it online on Nintendo’s Rage Gallery! Imagine how funny it would be seeing a page full of uploaded pics of people around the world mid rage quit!
    Perhaps more useful though, the camera could study your facial expressions & such, & alternate the difficulty of the game you are playing depending on how you are reacting to it.
    If you look bored, more enemies or the difficulty rises. Frustrated/Angry, the difficulty eases or powerup items are dropped nearby to assist.
    That way everybody can play every game!

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