So Many People Signed Up For Call Of Duty: Elite's Beta

Currently, two million people and counting have signed up for the Call of Duty: Elite beta&mdmash;that's in less than two weeks. That's...a lot! [One of Swords]


    That's two millon kids begging mummy and daddy for money

    Call of duty needs to die.

      let the kids have their cod... leaves the real games for us older gamers.

      Here here!!

    THIS is why mainstream shooters need to die.

    Poor buggers... or rich suckers?

    Despite the apparent outcry against the paid version of the Elite service it would seem a fair expectation for some percentage of this 2 million to be retained as paying customers once the service launches. Sounds like good business to me.

    I can't help but smile at the double entendre created for the word 'elitist' by this service: the traditional meaning, and one more along the lines of 'racist'.

    I don't play COD, don't like it much, but I know a lot of people who do. None of them are children.

    Not surprising really.

    I signed up if only to be able to see what paltry offering's they will provide.

    I signed up for it. Simply because it's free to sign up to the beta, and I would like to see what they're saying is revolutionary.

      exactly it's free, no reason to turn your nose up at it.

      They'd need to provide alot for 10 dollars a month though.

    I signed up for it.

    The free sections appealed to me.

    Yeah I signed up for it out of curiosity, its free so why not. No way I'll be paying for it though

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