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The Xbox One will finally be heading into China later this year. Microsoft's home console, the first console officially announced for the Chinese market, will launch sometime this September.


Because that's exactly what you're getting! In Japan, Sony's launching a new HDMI cable September 8. According to the official press release, the 2.0m high-speed HDMI cable is priced at ¥1,800 is ideal for 3D movie and gaming.


With Madden NFL 12 moving its release date to Aug. 30 to be closer to the league's opening day (assuming that happens), the game's demo likewise skips forward a couple of weeks. Tuesday, EA Sports will reveal the demo release date, the teams it will feature, and any other details about the demo.


In its first weekend, anime Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie placed second at the Japanese box office, behind the new Harry Potter. Ghibli's Kokurikozaka kara, co-written by Hayao Miyazaki and directed by his son, placed third.


According to DomainTools, Microsoft registered the domain Sony-Microsoft.com. No specifics what this entails—could be anything from software to game machines. Kotaku is following up with Microsoft.