PS3 Firmware Update Adds Cool New Features (For Some)

The newest PS3 firmware update (v3.70) adds auto-syncing trophies and an auto-upload function for online save data… but only for PlayStation Plus subscribers. A PlayStation Store “recommendations” feature, a “TV/Video Services” XMB section and Blu-ray 3D enhancements are for everybody.


  • Man, what’s with the bias and obvious Sony-hate? Let me guess, it’s totally hipster to be hating on everything Sony does now, right?

    • cause the ps3 sucks? (i own 2 so i’m allowed to say that)

      seriously so many of the features are poorly implemented… why should you have to sync trophies? this sort of thing should be automatic… now making it a “Plus” feature is so… so… SO shit…

      • I agree that limiting auto syncing to PS+ is a d!ck move by Sony but the PS3 doesnt “suck”. Its still a good piece of hardware.

          • Really?

            I have two and it’s quite simple, one in the lounge room and one in the bedroom, the bedroom one is more a BD player, but if the missus is watching something crap I can easily cloud save my game and continue where I left off.

          • rofl… how about you know some facts before sprouting off bullshit?

            i own 2 because i bought 1 at launch and it lives in the lounge and i got a second one with the tv i bought for the bedroom that gets used for blurays mainly and the occasional game…


  • The trophy auto-sync isn’t exactly what I had hoped for. It seems they have just added a trophy-sync step to the auto-update, which occurs around 3am.

    I would have much rather it just synced in the background after any trophy was acquired. I always sync my trophies before turning my PS3 off, so maybe if there was an option to have it a part of the shutdown process that may have been better.

    Not keen on the idea of PS+ users getting features that all users have requested for years though.

  • Who gives two hoots about trophies anyway?

    Interested in this TV/Video Services XMB section though… will we get more than ABC and Seven catchup?

  • auto? So it immediately takes forever to “sync” your trophies but you have to pay for the privileged…but you can still do it the old fashion and free way right?

  • I just sync once a week just prior to doing my regular backup.

    The feature I’d REALLY like to see would be an automatic shut-down option when doing a backup. I usually kick it off just before I go to bed on Friday night, but because there’s no auto-shutdown option the console is still switched on when I get up in the morning. It gives us the option to shut down after downloads are completed – why not a similar option to shutdown when backup is completed?

  • Why the hell is auto-sync only for Plus, thats just annoying! Its one of the reason I hate playing the PS3, if its not syncing then its updating or installing lol

    • Must be server overload from people downloading the update i guess. I have gone to download it twice, and both times it’s been slow and gave me an error at about the 20-25% mark.

      This is the kind of situation where i wish Sony would put the update on their website at the same time they release it on PSN lol.

  • We all know where this is heading,it won’t be long soon that if you don’t have PS+ then you won’t be getting any updates at all and won’t be able to use any online features. Instead of rewarding people with PS+, they’ve decided to shaft anybody without it.

  • It keeps failing at about 30% when downloading via PS3 and its not posted on the Oz or Us Playstation websites

  • Is it just me, or did iView/Plus7 just get removed with this update? I know it’s supposed to be combining the Video/TV sections, but I can’t find them anywhere…

    Is there something I have to enable/download again?

    • It appears to have been removed for me, too. And I can’t find this magical new TV/Video Services section

        • Yep. Gone for me too.. Have Aussies just been shafted again? I heard things like Netflix, etc should appear there but seeing as we get next to no movie functionality, perhaps that tv/video doesnt exist for us.. You’d think they could have left the little ‘free’ tv functionality we did have..

    • Anyone with this problem:
      Try restarting your PS3 a few times, signing in and out a few times or starting a game up and going back to XMB.
      It’s not just an aussie issue, it’s a world wide thing. The icon apparently just needs a kick start to show up or something.

      You guys shouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast 😛

      • What this guy said.
        After restarting my system a new icon has shown up called TV/Video services. Right next to the video tab.

        i quite like it, the whole section now has a 3 panel display similar to the “whats new tab”.

    • I haven’t done the update yet, but my sister was having this problem to after updating the system. Follow directions below it fixed the problem and the new icon showed up like it is suppose to with iview and Plus7.
      Found this on the playstation site for Aust & NZ forums – Downloading MUBI did the trick:
      If you have multiple users on the console, try logging out and into another, then back again.
      try turning off/on auto sign-in and restarting the PS3 and try again.
      Also, downloading MUBI from the PS Store for free can also assist.

  • Really? Fuck the TV/Video services tab! It’s shit I don’t use and it’s in my way! Sony, would you kindly add an option to not display that tab. That would be great. Thanks.

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