Tekken Bowl In Glorious HD, Plus Some Very Pretty Tekken Artwork

Bowling with Tekken characters is coming to the PlayStation 3 later this year with the release of Tekken Hybrid, the Blu-ray disc bundle that includes one computer animated movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, and one PlayStation 2 remake, Tekken Tag Tournament HD.

That PS3 exclusive will both help us wash the foul taste of the live action Tekken movie from our mouths and get us more excited for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, still just an arcade release at this point. To ramp up enthusiasm for even more Tekken over the next year and to hype up Tekken Bowl, Namco Bandai has released dozens of fresh screens from Tekken Hybrid.

There are shots of Tekken Bowl, stills from Blood Vengeance, a selection of detailed character renders and even a few shots of Tekken Tag in the gallery below. Who's excited?!


    Remember to bowl over the good Doctor there!

    Tekken is a very pretty series. Shame its gameplay slow and unwieldy as all hell.

      I wouldn't say slow and unwieldy - if you're used to DOA it may seem slow by comparison.

    lol J Tekken requires skill, unlike mvc3.

    Ohh man I missed this so much - Tekken Tag Tournament is easily the best of the series for me.

      Yeah, but that was back when boss battles were interesting yet balanced... lawl such a long time ago.

      Missing my King screen shot, what is this?

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