The Brutal, Beautiful Video Game Art Of Bjorn Hurri

Bjorn Hurri is an artist who has been working on video games for years now, having lent his skills to Dead Space 2, Viking: Battle for Asgard and the last three entries in the Total War series.

He's at his best working with people, as most of his work on show here is either character concept art or landscape pieces with the people front and centre.

My personal favourites are the Total War paintings, especially those shown during the loading screens, because I've looked at them enough over the last two years (and pushing 400 hours) to really develop an appreciation for them.

But his Steampunk Star Wars series, which did the rounds on art and design sites earlier in the year, are also worth a look if you haven't seen them before.

Bjorn works for Opus Artz, a concept art studio in the UK. You can check out some of Bjorn's (and the other artist's) work at their site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    Those are amazing!

    I love the steampunk Star Wars pictures. So much imagination.

    Also didn't realise they worked on the Total War series, I always liked those loading screens.

    Love his Storm Trooper!


    That is all.

    Really like the Luke Skywalker Steampunk, but the character looks like a decrepit monkey skeleton.

    Good work regardless.

    One of the main reasons I bought Viking Battle for Asgard was the cool concept art, the character designs were brilliant, even if the final game had some issues.

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