The Fall Of Arthas, A Warcraft Visual Tale Fit For A Storybook

The World of Warcraft fan art of Chinese artist Jian Guo lies somewhere between medieval storybook art and stained glass window, telling visual stories of Warcraft lore in gorgeous, highly-detailed works.

Below is Guo's "Fall of Arthas", one of a handful of lovely art pieces inspired by World of Warcraft. Other must-see storybook murals from Guo include "Blood Sunset", "Journey of Faith" and "Ancient Wars".

Prints are available for each, but even if you don't feel like spending, check out the rest of Guo's World of Warcraft fan art at deviantArt, along with plenty of StarCraft and Fallout inspired stuff.


    He was such a bad arse.. Its sad to see him gone :(

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