The Game Driving Rig That Costs As Much As A Real Car

A pretty crappy car, maybe, but the point remains: you could still buy a working, actual automobile for the cost of this steering wheel set minted for racing game Dirt 3.

On sale in British stores for £840 (USD$1380), Playseat's DiRT 3 + Logitech G27 deal combines a comfy driving seat, a sturdy frame and a wheel/pedal set into a controller setup that, were your TV big enough, would be as close to the real thing as you could get without a man sitting next to you muttering "easy left".

If $US1380 is too rich for your blood, if you order online you get a discount that takes it to...USD$1170 (£709).

Why so much? It's practically a real racing car seat, and is flexible enough to work with most company's steering wheels. Aside from that, it's probably more a case of "a fool and his money".

Playseat DiRT 3 + Logitech G27 [Playseat, thanks jamie!]


    Mines almost as cool. I have an old black computer desk with the drawer removed, a G27 and shifter clamped to it. And I move it up to my home theater chair which is perfect and I'm 6m away from a 120" HD Projector screen. Let me tell you, Dirt 3 is a rush man!

    If i had the $$$ I would definitely grab that.
    Anyone who has a g27 etc yearns for a setup like that, most try their hand at building their own first.

    And the price is actually affordable compared to what some other companies charge.

    I made my own with some steel, some skill and a $100 racing seat off ebay.

    I just use a G25, Wheel Stand Pro, and my PC chair.
    Does the job! :)

    Don't have a dedicated space for something like this.


    The G27 and a a regular Playseat (which that is) can be had for about $800-900AUD. Buy a Dirt 3 decal from eBay for $5 and BAM you have the same setup.

    I'm not keen on the steering wheel support bar between my legs. Would make it uncomfortable for heel+toe maneuvers.

    For the price, that seat looks absolute rubbish, you've got a post between your legs... and it just looks sh!te in general.
    When I get around to buying a PS (prolly wait for next gen now), then I'll just build my own, even 25mm RHS is good enough for a frame. I've got two race seats that I've had for years (they were ~$400ea when I bought them), so I could make a pair if I wanted =)
    Mind you, helps if you've got access to welding gear etc as well =)

    All I can say is FUUUUUUUUUU Luke.

    I imported an Obutto a couple of years back and it is my primary seat along with a Roccaforte desk.

    Best setup for gaming bar none.

    Compare the cost to getting a track worthy car and then driving competition which is what we all really want to do hence why we buy G25/27s and want the most realistic fun possible.

    The only thing I am missing from my setup is a buttkicker.

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