The PlayStation Vita In Trailer Form

The PlayStation Vita In Trailer Form

Sony’s sexy new hardware, the PS Vita, shows its joie de vivre in the portable’s E3 reel. The PS Vita begins launching later this year.


    • Given the capabilities of the hardware, the quality of some of the games shown and the competitive price point, the name seems to be the worst thing about it so far. If it’s a good machine with good games and selling at a reasonable price, I think people will be willing to forgive a shonky name.

      Personally, I’m really surprised Sony have priced it so well… seems to be a genuine attempt by them to take on the competition rather than pretending they live in some kind of bubble isolated from the competition, which is the impression they gave with the PS3 and PSPGo launch pricing.

  • I don’t even mind the name. The Vitas going to be great. I’m sure its going to be a great sucsess for Sony too. The only worry is if Sonys gona be actually making much money off of this? If not what kind of future can we expect? Poor services, less updates or less investment in things like the PS4? It’ll be interesting watching this.

    • I reckon they’ll still be making money on it. They said prior to today’s launch that they set their price target early on and tailored the features to fit that price. I.e. features which would have made it unprofitable at that price got the chop. There was also that rumoured RAM downgrade last week which, if true, would also help the bottom line.

      I do think there’s a statement here by Sony in their first new platform in the post-Kutaragi era: Ease of development and competitive pricing – pretty much the antithesis of the PS3 launch. But still aiming to have very powerful specs. Could well be a pointer toward their approach to the PS4 when that finally arrives.

  • Eh. The name sucks balls (seriously, ‘Vita’ was the best they could come up with?) but it still looks like an awesome system. I’m gonna just call it the PSV.

  • I heard it’s only recently they started making money of Playstation 3’s. Sell at a loss, make money back on games, seem’s to work..
    Though, with iPhones and Android markets, maybe Sony will start allowing apps and games from 3rd party developers? Micro-transactions could potentially make huge dosh for Sony.. especially with the kind of inputs the PSV is offering..

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