This Lara Croft Will Set You Back $US350

This Lara Croft Will Set You Back $US350

This new Lara Croft statue, from Sideshow Collectibles, will go on sale later this year for the princely sum of $US350. Aside from a rather fetching-looking paperweight, what else do you get for that kind of money?

Not much more aside from the statue and the promise of exclusivity, it seems, as aside from the piece being limited to only 750 worldwide the only other thing you’re getting is a “fine art” print showing Lara in the same pose as the statue.

Still, if $US350 is within your budget, it is a nice statue, with great detail on the base and a fresh take on Lara Croft – somewhere between the fresh-faced explorer of the upcoming reboot and the iconic grave robber we’ve come to know and love over the decades.

Lara Croft Premium Format Figure Photo Gallery [TNI]


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