Trading Places

Trading Places

Trading PlacesThis is Trading Places, where we collate the trade in deals currently available at the big three specialist games retailers in the country. If you have games to trade and you want to get the best deal possible, this is a pretty good place to start.

But first, a quick disclaimer – these trade-in prices will change from day to day.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge GAME: $55 EB: $40 JB Hifi: $30

DiRT 3 GAME: $60 EB: $30 JB Hifi: $30

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean GAME: $50 EB: $40 JB Hifi: $25

Virtua Tennis 4 GAME: $50 EB: $37 JB Hifi: $30

Operation Flashpoint: Red River GAME: $50 EB: $32 JB Hifi: $35

Marvel vs Capcom 3 GAME: $42 EB: $22 JB Hifi: $35

SOCOM Special Forces GAME: $50 EB: $38 JB Hifi: $40

Yakuza 4 GAME: $50 EB: $32 JB Hifi: $30

Fable 3 GAME: $48 EB: $27 JB Hifi: $40

Nintendogs GAME: $30 EB: $25 JB Hifi: $22

Super Streetfighter IV GAME: $30 EB: $31 JB Hifi: $22

Pokemon SoulSilver GAME: $25 EB: $23 JB Hifi: $24

Kirby’s Epic Yarn GAME: $50 EB: $39 JB Hifi: $30

Michael Jackson GAME: $32 EB: $18 JB Hifi: $20

WWE All Stars GAME: $40 EB: $16 JB Hifi: $20


  • Wow JB’s trade ins for new releases are terrible. GAME looks like it’s pretty good across the board. I should probably offload some older games there one day.

    • Yes their trade prices are lower but it’s all relative. Jb’s resale prices of pre-owned (and also their prices on new games) are generally cheaper than the other 2. EB will sell a pre owned copy of a recent release for $5-$10 under rrp of the new game whereas JB will sell it for $20-$30 cheaper.

  • Interesting that EB will give you $31 for Super Streetfighter IV. They were selling new copies of it the other day for $30. For that price you can make a profit through buying from them and selling it back to them.. lol.

    Unless its the Arcade edition?

    • Why would you do that, when you can get $50+ back for your month-old new release which takes <10 hours to clock? How many extra games would you be able to play if you cut the prices down by $60/ea?

    • I once traded a game in then three months later bought it back 😐

      Moral of the story: never trade in games.

      • I’ve done that on multiple occasions. Trade in prices of recent release games can be quite high so I trade towards another new release but often pick the game up at a layer date at a much reduced price if I feel the urge to play through a game again, or if I decide that I want it for my collection.

    • I have a cool idea.. acknowledge that other people in the world have a different opinion than you, or need the money.

      I don’t trade at all, but c’mon.

      • My games are causing the shelf they rest upon to bow significantly. I’m worried it’ll break one night as I sleep and I’ll mistake it as an intrusion.

  • Keep in mind guys that most are store credit, now if jb gives you $20 less trade in but there games are $79 new rather than say EB’s $119 then you will be trading your game for another and paying a smaller difference. Everything is comparable people.

  • I purchased one of the last copies of Mario Kart Wii when it was first released, then resold on ebay for over 30% profit.

    My point is to choose your options carefully when trading and selling. I always have a few old games on hand for when I sell a console, people generally prefer to buy bundles at a “bargain” price.

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