What The Hell Is Bobby Kotick Doing In This Brad Pitt Movie?

This is a trailer for an upcoming Brad Pitt movie called Moneyball. It's about baseball. And at 0:58, you can see that the owner of the Oakland A's baseball team is being played by none other than Activision boss Bobby Kotick.

Remember, this is a movie about baseball. Not video games.

This is so strange I don't know where to begin.

[thanks Matthew M!]


    We're screwed!!

    Why? We're undefeated and have the best gear and training facilities. They're just a scrappy underdog team with no money.


    What is he doing in that movie?

    He's being a douche.

    It should atleast be a role where we get to see him murdered brutally.

    Relax, fellas.

    He's just getting practice for his next career path.

    Uh oh. I've seen these career steps before...

    - Douchbag
    - Douchbag CEO
    - Douchbag owner of Baseball Team
    - Douchebag President

      Those first 3 should be douchebag... yeahhhhhh...

    He's looking for a new franchise to exploit now that COD sucks ass...

    Bobby Kotick playing a fictitious greedy pig in a movie? ahhahah

      Greedy pig playing a fictitious greedy pig in a movie? ahhahah

    Why does it need to be about games to make sense? He doesn't give a shit about them anyway.. I imagine he'd see no difference between film and games anyway.

    Bobby Kotick is in a movie about money. Makes sense.

    Seems it's about a movie, at it's core, saying that the value placed on things does not neccesarily reflect their actual value, and that traditional methods need to be challenged in the face of a changing world.

    What remains to be seen is if the gaming community is ready to demand change.

    I can see the pictures now.. pictures of Bobby Kotick rolling in money.. MONEYBALL

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