World’s Most-Wanted Hacker Says He’s Never Felt Safer

He's part of a group that claims to be behind the recent attacks on the CIA, US Senate, Fox and Sony. But when we chatted with a leader of Lulz Security, he said he's not worried about a thing. [Gawker]


    I thought that groups like Anonymous and Lulzsec don't have leaders. Wasn't that the point of anonymous groups?

      Oh my God I thought only news networks were this daft. 'Anonymous' is not and never was a group of any kind. Anonymous = name used when you don't enter a name on channel style image boards. I'd wager 'lulzsec' is basically just a calling card for when someone gets high, goes onto /b/ and says "hey lets ddos some people lol."

      In other words there's absolutely no organization at play here, in any meaning of the word.

        Uh, lulzsec is a pretty closely defined group with a leadership of about six or so members who decide on targets, undertake intrusions and prepare dox for release. They've never claimed to be an anonymous hivemind, never presented themself in that light and never operated in such a way as to give anyone the indication that they don't have leaders.

        "Hey let's DDOS some people lol" is a pretty tall bloody generalisation and understatement of what they've accomplished over the last month or so. You don't access and distribute "hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, training manuals,
        personal email correspondence, names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords
        belonging to Arizona law enforcement" by being acting like some script kiddie with a hard-on for DDOS attacks.

        Shinkada wrote: Oh my God I thought only blah blah blah...

        I think the only thing high in this conversation pal is your horse.

    How can a journalist "chat" to this lulzec guy yet he can't be caught by the FBI?

      Steven Premel

    They don't deserve this type of media attention. How many more groups will pop up to get their 10seconds of fame

    I don't think the FBI will be very impressed when they hear about this interview lol

      Getting both sides of a story is just good journalism.

      Journalists often put themselves in severe danger to get interviews with people like Taliban leadership too.

      I may be confused, but from memory, I think it's called the right of reply.

    With the law stating electronic attacks are an act of war sitting in the senate, it will be more than the FBI after them.

    I love reading comments about hackers. You always have that guy who tries to right the misconceptions but ends up giving them a big, slimy e-bj.

    Pissing off the big companies is one thing pissing off regular gamers/Internet users, even Pakistan isn't going to give lulzsec a cave to hide in

    If you have no way to verify this person's identity, why do you assume he is who he claims?

    Understanding hackers fail.

    You can't know for certain that this person is who he is. He might be the "leader" of lulzsec, but then again, he might be a 13 year old seeking attention.

    In any case, Lulzsec is not as decentralized as they try to appear. According to the Guardian Newspaper, who obtained leaked chat logs (you can go to the Guardian yourself if you don't believe me), Lulzsec is actually run by a small core of competent people, but supported by legions of fans who aren't very competent but can carry out basic instructions. You get the head guys, and Lulzsec loses its brain, so to speak.

    And the chat logs indicate that Lulzsec is absolutely paranoid. When talking among themselves, they certainly don't appear to be the "calm, cool and confident" people they desperately wish they could be. They might be in it for the laughs, but they don't get much sleep at night.

    Go read the logs on the Guardian. It's quite eye-opening. They are afraid of being caught. Many have left the organization since they started attacking government sites. Who knows if those guys are going to roll over to the FBI for reward money, hm?

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