Hey Hideo Kojima, Turn That Frown Upside Down

Hideo Kojima. I'm pretty sure he's having a blast right now watching weird movies and listening to Joy Division, but in case he's struggling with the fact he's no longer at Konami and Silent Hills has been cancelled, the team behind Goat Simulator has made a lovely attempt to cheer him up.

Turn that frown upside down Hideo!

The team has added Kojima to their credits. Alongside a plea to bring back P.T.. Pretty sure he's the wrong guy to contact about that, but I agree with the sentiment.

He's also been given an invitation to work on Goat Simulator.

We heard that Hideo Kojima was removed from the credits for Metal Gear Solid 5 so we added him to the credits for Goat Simulator.
You're always welcome to work with us Kojima!

Dear God. Imagine the cut-scenes!


    it was discovered that Kojima was actually a highlander, and Konami caught him cutting off another's head because there can be only one! so they have forced him into hiding until the next generation when every one has forget about him.


    Whenever I hear of the game goat simulator I think of the movie "Waiting".

    Last edited 08/05/15 11:16 am

      I'm a fan of the Brain myself. Much easier to accomplish.

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