Why The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Depressed Hideo Kojima

Why The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Depressed Hideo Kojima

Chin up, Hideo! Don’t let something like a new Grand Theft Auto V trailer get you down. “I saw the new GTA V trailer!” Kojima tweeted. “It was awesome, way too awesome. This degree of freedom is surely the future of gaming! It’s at a different level from others. To be honest, it depresses me.”

“I don’t think our V can reach that level,” Kojima continued. “Though, Rockstar’s devs are the best. Make no mistake, this will raise the potential of video games.”

Pretty sure Kojima isn’t moping around his Tokyo studio or losing sleep over a video game trailer. Like most, he’s probably excited about GTA V!

Both games look very cool. Kojima-san, you don’t have to worry about Metal Gear Solid V anymore!

「GTA V」の新映像を観た! [@Kojima_Hideo] “GTA V” new trailer, I don’t think our “V” [@Hideo_Kojima_EN via CVG]


  • Very few developers these days are willing to praise other studios. I thought when I opened the article it’d be about him complaining there’s no giant robots in it. Pleasantly surprised and happy to see a veteran of the industry gets as excited as we normal folk do for upcoming games

    • i really dont think that hideo should be worried

      he has not one but two games which are the halves of a V so if he fucks up in ground zeroes he can always redeem himself in the phantom pain

    • The article explained why Hideo was depressed. Which the article clearly says it will explain. There was no hyperbole/sensationalism just a question and answer.

  • Now if Kojima partnered with Rockstar on a project, that could be a wonderful thing.

    Speaking of, why don’t companies work together on a game? Why can’t they?

    • thats actually a good idea. but hopefully it doesnt pull of a bondi (as in team bondi)

      they did the same thing during the development of GTA IV and thats pretty identical of rockstar in san diego for gta 4 and team bondi for L.A Noire

    • No it wouldn’t. Sure it’d be a stealth based or mech based open world game, but it’d have 450 15 hour cutscenes.

      • That might not be too much of a problem though. You could just stealth around a giant open world with your mech and ignore the storyline ala GTA itself!

        Also speaking personally I’d probably enjoy the storyline and millions of cutscenes more than I enjoy GTA storylines… Well at least that’s true for 4. I got a decent chunk through the story but then I was all “no I don’t care about any of these characters” 😛

    • I’ve often wondered why they don’t share/sell/license assets (like 3D models). It would save each developer recreating, for example, NY buildings or a Bugatti Veyron in each and every game…

  • I have a feeling however that GTAV will not have as amazing storyline or as in depth stealth gameplay as MGSV so at the end of the day we will be getting the best of each respective games.

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