Rumour Patrol: Could Grand Theft Auto 6 Get A Trailer At The Game Awards?

Rumour Patrol: Could Grand Theft Auto 6 Get A Trailer At The Game Awards?

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans are cooking up a new theory on when the trailer will drop after noticing Rockstar Games listed as a member of The Game Awards advisory board. While the developer has already confirmed the next GTA title will cop a trailer in early December to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the exact date and form of this is still unknown – but users on X reckon The Game Awards ceremony could be just the place for a trailer launch.

The Game Awards takes place on December 7 and will be livestreamed across platforms including Twitch and YouTube. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, there’s bound to be plenty of eyes on the ceremony, which fans think could be the perfect place for Grand Theft Auto 6 to make its trailer debut.

Rockstar Games is among a number of other big developers (and delegates from major companies) on The Game Awards advisory board, keeping company with Epic Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hideo Kojima, Doug Bowser (Nintendo president), and Yves Guillemot (Ubisoft CEO). According to the website, the board “helps guide and advance the mission” of the awards, and isn’t involved in the selection of award nominees or winners.

While this rumour is, well, just a rumour (it wouldn’t be a GTA reveal without rumours after all), the possibility of a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer dropping live during the ceremony is a tantalising prospect. Realistically, Rockstar doesn’t need The Game Awards to launch the trailer of course – their tweet confirming the game earlier this month became the most-liked gaming tweet ever within 24 hours. The trailer drop on Rockstar’s socials are almost certainly bound to go bigger.

As a platform and promotional tool, The Game Awards needs a big reveal like GTA6 far more than Rockstar needs The Game Awards. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen – anything is possible — but the inherent value of such an arrangement would be very one-sided indeed.

Whether Rockstar Games announces a trailer launch date, or drops it out of the blue early next month, one thing is certain: fans are going to go absolutely bloody feral.

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