1.21 GIGAWATTS!? Grand Theft Auto IV Goes Back To The Future

This video appears to be quite old, so apologies in advance if you've seen this before, but this Back to the Future GTA IV mod has me quite excited!

It's all in the detail, and this mod captures it all from the vehicle model, to the sparks, to the flames, to everything really.

GTA IV - it's what makes Time Travel possible. Apparently.

Thanks to Nick A for sending this in.


    It would be awesome if the car then appeared in Red Dead Redemption

      Big like!!

      It would have been friggin Awesome if it was in Red Dead, I was thinking that when i was playing it last year, I looked in every bear cave. =(

    Very cool. Takes a little bit long to hit 88, but none the less it's pretty impressive.

    You clearly haven't seen the better version done in crysis:

    If it's from the same people making the Vice City one then I can tell you most of them are lazy and no work gets done.

    Woulda been funnier for it to suddenly cut to GTA1 and a sprite Delorean appear... ;)

    "Cuzzin... ve haff to go bach! Bach to ze foocha!"

    Frigging gold! The obvious question - flying/hover version?

    That's glorious. Between this and the HD mods showcased last week, I'm tempted to pull GTA4 off of Steam to play it again.

    This makes me even more disappointed in what TellTale gave us.

    BttF deserved so much better.

    The Australian author Matthew Reilly actually has a delorean, check out this page, about 1/2 way down ^_^

      He also has the largest collection of onomatopoeia this side of the the Mason Dixon line. "Smokestack pushed the Submit Comment button. CLICK.' I'd also post a MSpaint pic of the pit traps around my computer, but I'm in a hurry.

        love the reference to the Mason Dixon line ^_^

    If they were smart, they would have ended the video on the main street in Vice City. :P

    I now F**king hate BTTF becuase geeks don't stop going on about it.

      Stop being such a nigel, would you.

      Put a cork in it geeky boy

    Noo, they should make it reappear on another random road in the city!

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