Mark Serrels | Kotaku Editor Mark Serrels is the Editor of Kotaku Australia. He is a multi award-winning journalist and the inventor of the Serrels Stare. He has previously edited publications such as The Official Nintendo Magazine, The Official PlayStation Magazine, Australian 360 and PSM3. He once got 191,000 on Doodle Jump and totally has a man crush on Ryan Gosling. And, yes, he is painfully aware that he closely resembles Simon Pegg.

  • ScribbleTaku

    Ahahahahaha! Yesss! The Serrels magic touch is BACK. No-one guessed it yesterday (probably cause everyone’s still on holiday) so we’re taking this bad boy to day two.

  • While You Were Sleeping

    Hello! It’s Monday. You’ve woken up. Life is hard. Here are some stories about video games to get you to your morning coffee: I Can’t Stop Feeling Guilty For Stuffing Around In Breath Of The Wild • That Time I Tried To Pirate Spore And Bricked My Laptop Instead • This Might Be The Biggest…