Dust 514 Isn't Really Free-to-Play

Dust 514, the first-person shooter spinoff from PC MMO EVE Online, was announced as being free-to-play. Turns out that wasn't strictly true.

It's been revealed that the PS3 game won't actually be free to download, as players will have to stump up a "cover charge" of $US10-20 (the final price hasn't been decided) just to get access to the game, which will then be "refunded" to the player in the form of in-game credits.

Um. If you have to pay money to download a game, it's not free-to-play. Doesn't matter how it's framed. It's $US10-20 to play. Not really sure why it couldn't have been advertised as such in the first place!

DUST 514 requires "cover charge" from PS3 players [GI.biz, reg required]


    Makes sense to me.

    prevents people making accounts for hacking and the like.

    i already know people who have set up hat farms with TF2 free

      They'll run into a bit of a problem when they try to trade those items to the main account though: you need to buy something from the store for trading privileges and you can't add less than $5 to a steam wallet.

    How is this news? They announced it in early June.

    Its free to PLAY, just not free to BUY

      This is just splitting hairs and by definition, "Free to play, not free to buy" should include virtually every videogame ever made excluding MMOs.

      There's a reason the 'free-to-play' term exists, and it doesn't cover cases like this.

      By this logic, every game is free to play, which makes your point irrelevant.

        Well it was actually one of those joke things so it was more facetious than serious

    Um, didn't they say this at E3?...

    Australia has regulations from the ACCC governing use of the term "free" - it can only be used when there are literally no conditions or other strings attached.

    But we're talking a US company here. Not sure if they're bound by the same rules.

      Iceland is in the US now? What.

        Yeah, I think they got foreclosed on and now the nation has been repossessed. Damn you, GFC! *shakes fist*

    You all need to take a step back and look at the author...

      Exactly, Luke has a strong hate for MMOs of any form.

    Since it's an MMOFPS, then I could still classify it as FTP, even though it sort of goes Guild Wars on us (still not much of a problem to me).

    Another poorly researched article from this author.

    I don't know how anyone could make this anymore clear, pay for DUST once with no ongoing subscription fee.

    I call dibs on the space monacle!

    If they announced it as "Free-to-play" and have been advertising it as such, and then they are charging people for it, then it's not free-to-play and it's false advertising, which is a legal breach

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