Enough People Sucked At This Game That It Doesn't Work Any More

It's a mechanic as old as games themselves: perform poorly and you lose a "life". Experimental Dutch title GlitchHiker went a little further, though: perform poorly and the whole game died.

An entrant in the Dutch Global Game Jam 2011 earlier this year, GlitchHiker was tied to a central server which was programmed to literally destroy the game with each life lost. Players could earn lives by playing well, but if they didn't, the game would experience increasing defects until it was rendered unplayable.

Despite a weekend of people trying their best to "save" GlitchHiker, it is now no more. Well, you can download the thing if you want, but it won't work.

GlitchHiker [Glitchhiker, via Gamefreaks]


    That's interesting. But ultimately a poor idea. Just sounds like a silly gimmick to me. Like that game where death is permanent.

      You mean life?

      Yeah...life is a gimmick, and then you die.

    Any talk of them offering the game in it's original state for those who weren't aware of it so they could try for themselves?

      I think that would probably defeat the purpose of the experiment in the first place.

        Yeah but it sounds really cool and I wanna play it! :P

    There's a Minecraft save going around like that. It's not hard coded in but the premise is that when you die you're supposed to exit the game, and send it to a friend. So each time a new person spawns there, they see the remnants of the previous players.

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