Here's Ice-T's Chainsaw Kill In Gears Of War 3

As we all know by now, Ice-T voices a character in Gears of War 3. This minute-long montage of gameplay, courtesy of Gamespot, features him as "Aaron Griffin," and Ice-T's catch phrases over Griffin's attacks. Now we know why the actor/rapper was so fired up that he wrote this tribute to the game and performed it at E3. NSFW warning for profanity (not Coco).


    Pretty lame if you ask me...

      Still angry with your mum for getting you a PS3?

        PC Master Race reporting in.

        Sure is mediocre console game in here.

        Lol, I've actually got both and a pc... What I was having a go at was just the voice acting.

    Oh, he just had to be wearing sunglasses, didn't he?

    ... all I heard was a minute of Ice-T grunting like he was suffering the ninja shits

    The butcher cleaver execution my stomach turn, and I'm a huge Gears fan!

    It's moments like this that worry me about it's run through the classification board come September.

    Anyone else concerned?

      Nah, I think it will be fine, as the player is attacking and goring monsters, not humans, which is where I get the impresson that the classification board draws the line.

    Ice-T is really into gaming actually, i bet he genuinely loved the idea of voicing a character for this game

    Gears 3 has already passed with a MA15+ classification.

    I agree with Eddie, the voice overs wasn't that great but DAMN!!! The footage was!

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