Gears Of War 4: The First Trailer


    pretty sure this is the 2nd trailer...
    either that or they chopped some of the e3 footage into one.

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    What? Are you serious? Anya just turned into a love interest for Marcus? Bloody hell, in this world of 'fight for inclusivity', not only did all these people completely ignore the women in Gears of War but they ignore when the next batch of writers just turn her into a wife?

      Anya just turned into a love interest for Marcus?

      Umm... wasn't she always one? Like they were together before he was sent to prison? Or am i just batshit crazy and not remembering it right.

      Marcus and Anya were together before GoW 1, before Marcus was sent to prison. And just from this one scene you can't conclude that she is simply a 'wife', and even if you could isn't Marcus just some farmer then? The war is (was) over and they all had to find regular lives and settle down.


      They were kinda a "thing" during the Pendulum Wars.

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    Good choice of tunes for the clip. Amazing cover of the song.

      Someone editited it to have the Simon and Garfunkle version:

        Nah prefer the cover. Amazing song but David does it better imo.

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