Mortal Kombat Statues For Differing Tastes And Budgets

Collectible company Syco have picked up a licence to release Mortal Kombat statues, so release some Mortal Kombat statues they shall.

The company is releasing three different ranges, from 10-inch statues ($164) to 18-inch statues (US$300) to 1:2 scale busts ($200).

You can check out each piece in more detail at Syco's site, linked below.

[Syco Collectibles]


    So not fair. The Sub Zero ones are way less detailed than the Scorpion ones and no Sub Zero busts either :(

    Then again it's probably for the best. My money is staying with me.

      that's because we all know Scorpion is far superior :P

    and here I thought it would be a page full of awkward Mileena statues

    Hopefully they do a sub-zero bust as well, having that and a scorpion one would be awesome

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