Rumor: Gameloft Working Employees To The Bone

Mobile publishers Gameloft are known for making blatant, if high-quality rip-offs based on other people's intellectual property. Might they also be known now for shitty work practices? []


    I have friends at GameLoft and they're not working 120 hour weeks, people are just trying to cash in on this Team Bondi media trainwreck (which is also mostly bullshit).

      That kinda says other wise.

      I have a friend who knows everything and he says what you are saying is total bullshit because most companies push their developers. The developers at Netscape pushed 100+ hours for months to get their first version out of the door. It happens and it sucks big fat hairy testicles.

      I know someone who just went to work at Gameloft at their last intake, and he's been working nine to midnight during crunch (The last 5-6 weeks of the dev cycle), but he got time in lieu, so he took a nice long vacation afterwards.

      Also, apparently, they have a high burn rate.

    Since when is there anything new developers being made to work hard anyways. Especialy with how competitive jobs have been.

    with the amount of stuff that seems to consistently and bountifully flow from Gameloft I think I just subconsciously assumed it was some kind of sweat-shop type organization...
    so if it's true, I guess I wouldn't be at all surprised.
    and if it's *not true* then I'm very pleasantly surprised :)

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