The Ladies Of Team Fortress 2

These aren't the first depictions of Team Fortress 2's (mostly) male protagonists as women. Won't be last, either. But it may well be the most adorable!

Artist botjira's take on the cartoon mercenaries as pin-up girls gets sexy when it has to, but mostly just keeps things cute. Though, going by the spirit of the thing... shouldn't the Pyro be chugging a beer and watching the football?

tf2 ladies [botjira]


    lol at pyro

    I hope they add Females into TF2

    I know this isn't going to get seen now, but a few quick lessons on human anatomy definitely wouldn't hurt the artist.

    The Demo(wo)man's lower half if just bizarre (plus too many eyes), the Sniper's head is on backwards and Medic has both T-Rex arms and legs that don't appear to be joined to her hips.


      Such unrealistic expectations - you're never going to find a wife :).

      Plus this style of art is not known for being big on correct human anatomy.

      And how does the demoman have too many eyes? All I see is 2.

      Anyway, I like them.

      ITT: BAAWWW cartoons aren't real humans!

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