These TF2 LEGO Figures Are So Small! They Are Funny To Me!

It's easy to take a LEGO minifig and paint it to look like something. What's harder is taking a ton of actual LEGO bricks and turning them into the likeness of a range of cartoon video game characters.

Matt De Lanoy has done just that, though, recreating the cast of Valve's Team Fortress 2 in blocky, old-school LEGO bricks.

Looking sharp! Quite literally. The edges on that Scout look like they could take a chunk out of a toddler's wrist.

Team Fortress 2 [Flickr, via Super Punch]


    I love the Star Wars mini piece for the Spy's tie xD

    Hahah, that is small. Cute figurines.

    "Old school" LEGO bricks? Most of the pieces used in these only first appeared within the last decade!

    Break them into little bits, scatter them about (with most missing) and stick some signs up letting me know which chunk used to be what.

    Then I'll recognise myself in game. ;)

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