One Of The Best Lego Sets Is Back With The Redesigned 2,509-Piece Eldorado Fortress

One Of The Best Lego Sets Is Back With The Redesigned 2,509-Piece Eldorado Fortress

As a general rule, remakes are usually a disappointing rehash of the original. But every once in a while they justify their existence, like Lego’s redux of the Eldorado Fortress set from its Pirates line in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, introducing more details and more play value with a reconfigurable layout.

Although Lego’s branded sets, like its extensive Star Wars collection, now seem to dominate toy store shelves, some of Lego’s most memorable lines have come from original IP, including the spaceships of the early ‘80s and the pirates theme that arrived at the end of that decade. We’ll still vigorously defend Captain Redbeard as being one of the greatest minifigures of all time (it seems like Lego agrees), and the Black Seas Barracuda remains one of the most memorable Lego sets, too, which is probably why it was resurrected and updated back in 2020.

The original Lego Eldorado Fortress was the perfect foil for its swashbuckling pirates, so we’re thrilled to see it finally getting a major overhaul too. It’s still very much reminiscent of the original, but with a new modular design, it can be reconfigured for all types of play, and more effectively defend against Redbeard’s advances. Check out everything that’s new.

A Solid Brick Foundation


Like the original Eldorado Fortress set released back in 1989, the new 2,509-piece version appears to be built atop a solid raised rock foundation. However, while the original used a three-dimension base plate with raised rocky features already built into it, the redesigned Eldorado Fortress appears to be entirely built of bricks without a baseplate at all. That cobblestone ramp leading up from the dock out front is a lovely patchwork of tiles.

Rebuild It as You Please


The new Eldorado Fortress features a modular design allowing it to be broken down into five smaller sections that can be rearranged and re-connected into various layouts, offering even more play value for parents buying this one for their kids, instead of their personal collections.

Set Sail With Its Own Mini Ship


The original version of the Eldorado Fortress came with two rowboats, a red one for the blue coats, and a brown one for the buccaneers. This time, the fortress comes better equipped for chasing down pirates with its own ship featuring a steering wheel and a full set of sails and rigging.

Hoist Away


Everywhere you look you can see where Lego’s designers have improved the Eldorado Fortress, from more elaborate brick work to even terra cotta roof shingles. But the fortress’ crane, a feature that often needed repairing on the original version of the set, looks like it’s been upgraded by the Army Corps of Engineers, and is now strong enough to even lift the Black Seas Barracuda out of the water.

Eight Minifigures Included


If there’s one thing disappointing about the new Lego Eldorado Fortress, it’s the included lineup of minifigures. It comes with six imperial blue coat soldiers, including an admiral, but only two pirates (plus a skeleton, monkey, parrot, and crab). The original set came with the same number of minifigures, but included Captain Redbeard himself.

When Can Ye Make Landing?


The Lego Icons Eldorado Fortress will be available starting July 7 for $329.99 through Lego’s website or its brick-and-mortar stores.

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