The Rock Band Network Hits 3000 Songs, But Which Was Your Favourite?

The Rock Band Network Hits 3000 Songs, But Which Was Your Favourite?

The Rock Band Network Hits 3000 Songs, But Which Was Your Favourite?I felt a little bit sad when I stopped playing Rock Band. In some ways it may be my favourite game this generation, but I can’t imagine ever getting excited about playing it again – unless they release more Hendrix, HINT HINT. Still, Harmonix has just announced that they’ve hit over 3000 songs on the Rock Band catalogue, which is a pretty awesome achievement.

And it got me thinking, what is your favourite song on Rock Band?

I don’t even know where to begin. I enjoy the solo on ‘Alive’ by Pearl Jam, but I used to love my semi-ironic wailing on ‘More Than A Feeling’. I’ve got a soft spot for ‘Say It Ain’t So’ by Weezer – not because I particularly like the song, but because it was one of the first songs I finished on Expert.

Hates? Well ‘My Sharona’ can just get tossed into a pit of burning sulphur for all eternity – considering the vast amount of my family and friends that would insist on playing it, despite the fact that it’s about as much fun as jumping face first into a wood chipper. I once went to a LAN where this guy kept playing ‘Hysteria’ by Muse over and over and over again. So, yeah, I pretty much despise that song as well.

But anyway – keen to hear what songs you guys loved (or hated), whether it was on Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or both. Let us know in the comments below.

Rock Band Hits 3,000 Songs! Enter to Win in our 3,000 Song Giveaway! [Rock Band Forums]


  • Tom Sawyer by Rush
    Die All Right by The Hives
    Maps by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

    All 100% on Expert Pro Drums.

    Tried to play Tom Sawyer for real the other day, it led to blood across my snare and a deflated ego.

  • The one where EA & Harmonix duet about the real reasons why Rock Band 2 never saw release in Australia. Oh wait, that never happened.

    • This thing most people seem to neglect is that it had alot more to do with MTV than Harmonix or EA. MTV are the ones that had final say on whether or not the game would come out here.

  • The Stone Sour pack is still my absolute favourite thing to sing to. I remember how stoked I was to get a placing in the top 100 expert vocals for Through Glass.

    Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi is always a good party song too.

  • Do you know what I hate? Digital competitions that have a geographic limitation like this one…

    Anyway, most of the music I like on the download is actually only on the Rock Band NEtowrk – you know the thing that’s only available in strange parts of the world? That’s where most of the good punk and hardcore tracks can be found… which reminds me – your headline is slightly wrong. It’s Rock Band which has reached 3000 songs, not the RBN.

  • Nearly half of that 3000 is Rock Band Network stuff we can’t play. >:(

    And my favourite sure as hell isn’t from Rock Band 2, which we also didn’t get. And we don’t get to participate in their little celebratory giveaway either.

    Harmonix hates us.

  • It’s been a while since I played Rock Band on my own console. Such is the tragedy of having a broken guitar 🙁

    Still, NIN and Metallica were on high rotation when I did play frequently, as were Queen. Not going to name individual songs because when you’re dealing with Queen it’s more a case of “which one of these seems particularly awesome today?”

  • Never got into these games. Actually playing real guitar meant I could never get it right because what you had to do on the guitar controller was always so wrong my hands just wouldn’t work. The drum kit was even worse and lead me to making many mistakes as I kept going to hit where the toms and snare would sit on a proper kit. So I gave up on ’em. 😛

  • I love most of the songs you mentioned, even the ones you now hate due to overuse. But then my friends are pretty cool, and generally won’t pick the same song twice.

    I also really enjoy most of the southern rock songs, as they tend to have awesome bass lines.

  • Definitely gonna be QOTSA – No One Knows. Especially now it’s on RB3 with multipart vocals. Plus I finally got my hands on one of those Fender Squier Pro-Guitars, that said, I can barely play through anything on that one 🙂 Other than that, I love all of the QOTSA, NIN and Them Crooked Vultures on RB.


    and the lords of the underworld. Darkness fills my heart with pain.

    Carry on Wayward Son from Kansas also gets my thumbs up.

  • I have about 500 songs (albeit including RB1, RB2 and Lego) enjoy a wide range of them.

    But… “Heard It on the Grapevine” by Creedence back-to-back with “Green Grass & High Tides” by Outlaws is about 20 minutes of rockin’ bliss.

    • Green grass was my nemesis for soooo long. I can beat it now days tho. It was standing between me an my achievement for completing the game!

  • I still find Coheed and Cambria’s Welcome Home from the original Rock Band to be one of the most fun-to-play songs.
    Also loads of fun are the Yngwe Malmsteen tracks although I really wish I was skilled enough to make it through them on Expert.

    I hate a majority of the on-disc songs of the second and third games though.

    • I just noticed you said ‘Guitar Hero’ as well so I’m gonna say pretty much anything from GH2, the DragonForce DLC and anything by Steve Ouimette are the most fun you can ever have playing a fake guitar.

  • Stan Bush – The Touch
    Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains
    Rollings Stones – Anything and everything if it was available!

  • Love all the Foo Fighters songs… The Who Superbowl track was fantastic

    Green Grass & High Tides
    Let There Be Rock

    Although, I love the fact that I was introduced to a number of bands through their songs on RB and either bought track packs and then their albums.

    Silversun Pickups was the most recent one of those, I don’t know how I missed them when they first started out, but I’m glad to have found them.

  • For a “new” (i.e. hadn’t heard it before RB) song, probably Maps.

    For an “old” song, it would be Gimme Shelter on drums, more than a feeling on guitar and power of love on keyboard.

    Though I haven’t had a chance to rock the Queen pack yet, so Under Pressure could be a late winner.

      • Thanks for the tip. I am mostly a drummer on RB, but will give it a go.

        I am also working my way through the Pro guitar training on the Squier Strat – an impressive, though frustrating, bit of kit.

  • ‘Burning Hearts’ – Silverstein.

    Released on PSN this week. Easily the best song to be released on Rock Band Network. Too keen to play it.

  • I finally got a chance to actually try out Rock Band (3) recently, since nobody I knew had it. I’d tried some of the RB songs on a custom copy of GH3 before, and didn’t think much of them. Even on expert they were only about as difficult as GH’s hard. The RB3 ones I tried were more matched in difficulty on expert, but it still didn’t seem all that enjoyable. Not just the charting, but even the look of it and everything, I just find their highway much harder to read.

    I’ll stick to Guitar Hero, even though I don’t really play it any more. And/or haven’t really played it with anyone 😛

    I wish I had a clone of myself so we could play through GH3 co-op on expert together…

  • Guitar: The Slip – Even Rats [hidden track on, I think, Guitar Hero 1]
    Drums: The Beatles – She’s So Heavy [cause man, that ending just drooooooones]
    Vocals: The Coral – Dreamin Of You [Lego Rockband]

    I still don’t understand why the Rockband Network isn’t available in Australia. Or around the whole damn world. That could be the biggest thing in music right now.

  • Eh, Moving Pictures by Rush. Any track. I routinely (about once a month) break out the drum kit and play through the album, in full, on Expert. Can’t get enough of it.

    Any of those shouty, noise merchants that call themselves musicians and their songs can actually f**k off.

  • Too many to mention here but I quite liked Kiev’s “Crooked Strings” on RBN.
    A good substitute for the lack of much from Radiohead in the way of DLC.

    I just keep hoping they will put out some Bloc Party on RB

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