The The King Of Kong Remake Is Still On, But May Go Mockumentary

The The King Of Kong Remake Is Still On, But May Go Mockumentary

The high score battle between Donkey Kong pros Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell was immortalised in 2007’s The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. And for the past four years, there’s been talk of that movie being remade, further fictionalised in a film adaptation of a film.

But now it appears that the planned redo of The King of Kong may be a less traditional Hollywood comedy and more of a mockumentary, a la The Office and This Is Spinal Tap. Seth Gordon, director of The King of Kong, Horrible Bosses and the upcoming WarGames remake, tells The Playlist the new version of that video game movie is “quite real” and recently the subject of a new script.

“I’ve done some work on Modern Family and The Office and have worked in this doc style, and so that inspired me to say, instead of doing a traditional narrative feature script, what if we did the remake in the doc style?” Gordon tells The Playlist. “What doors what that open? What opportunities? What additional story could we tell? And that’s essentially the approach we took.”

Which kind of makes the remake seem a bit more pointless, maybe? Or maybe not, since audiences may shine more broadly to actors more telegenic than Mitchell and Wiebe working from a script.

‘Horrible Bosses’ Director Seth Gordon Says ‘King Of Kong’ Remake Will Be Done In Faux-Doc Style [The Playlist]


    • Ditto. It was a great movie, and the fact that they showed just how serious and competative the top end play for old arcade games are. Anything else will just make the whole thing seem like a big joke, which’ll end up mocking the real people rather than anything else.

      • If it just mocked Billy Mitchell, I’d be happy with it.

        But you’re right, there is no way this will not mock what these were guys doing. It will surely make fun of taking a score so seriously and the amount of time they put in to achieve them, which really isn’t very fair.

        • The best thing about the movie was it WAS real. This just sounds ridiculous. I’d like a sequel, showing what happens afterwards, I still believe Wiebe is trying to get his hi-score. Even if he doesn’t win at the end, I’d still like to see it, not a shitty remake with actors.

          • See? You get it. I get it. What’s so hard about this? Why do they feel the need to do something so utterly absurd? 😛

            Just do a follow-up with maybe more of a budget… maybe. That’s all that is needed/wanted/appropriate.
            Maybe do one from Mitchell’s ‘side of things’…

            But ‘remaking’ a documentary as a mockumentary is completely obtuse. Especially when it’s the original documentarian that’s talking about doing it… Talk about losing credibility 😛 sheesh

            *end of rant*

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