This Box Of Resident Evil Is A Good Deal

To celebrate 15 years of Resident Evil, Capcom is releasing a special bundle. And as anniversary bundles go, it's solid.

The Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box comes with a copy of Resident Evil: Director's Cut for the PlayStation, Resident Evil 2 for the PlayStation, Resident Evil 3: Last Escape for the PlayStation, Resident Evil: Revival Selection for the PlayStation 3 (it's an HD remastering of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica Director's Cut), the Resident Evil Code: Veronica soundtrack, the Resident Evil 4 soundtrack, S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella Corporation 15th anniversary stickers and pins, and a "spacer" for Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. I assume the "spacer", as Capcom calls it, is a divider of sorts.

All this for ¥7800 ($90). In yen, that's reasonably priced; it seems higher in dollars, because American money isn't worth much these days! The limited edition bundle will be available through Capcom's online shop starting September 8.

カプコンオフィシャルショップ [イーカプコン via ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]


    resident evil, or biohazard?

      Why choose get both !

    I WANT that HD Resi 4....right now!

    Wish they'd release this digitally. It's pretty hard to find a working PS1...

      Any given PS2 can play it, though, and they still even sell those.

    Capcom Stepping up and (almost) getting a "collection" perfect. Its almost like a slap in the face to Konami's Failure with their completely illogical MGS and Silent Hill "collections". (which I will still buy. Cos I'm lame like that. heh)

    This is pretty much an insta-buy for me, but I can't help but feel a _little_ miffed that RE:Remake and RE:0 are not uncluded. Billy was my favorite. :(

    Konami have already released these type of collections in japan for silent hill and Metal Gear solid, years ago. With the first 4 silent hill games, and the whole Metal gear Solid collection (like the RE collection here, it was a anniversery collection) covering the PS, PS2 and PSP games.

    Um, I personally think it is a fail to not have made all discs PS3 compatible, or give you digital download vouchers.

    Also, $90 seems cheap given the price of games over here.

    Isn't a "spacer" just like a little bit of cardboard (like a placeholder) that you can pull out, that lets you can slip in Res 5 (like when you have it already or buy it)

      Correct me if I'm wrong but PS1 discs work on a PS3 console thus making all discs PS3 compatible.

        Anymore it's pretty rare to have a Ps3 that's capable of playing Ps2 games. I had one (from the MGS4 bundle here in the US) but a year ago the system board fried and I had to replace it with a Slim model... so now I have a ton of Ps2 games and no way to play them unless I get a Ps2 console :-P... sucks.


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