This Might Be Fun To Wear

In Akihabara, Namco Bandai is showing off its latest lineup of Saint Seiya toys. Check out that life-sized Sagittarius armor!

The 1:1 scale armour is for display purposes only. And what an awesome purpose that is.

Bandai Namco is readying a Saint Seiya PS3 game for a 2011 release. Saint Seiya debuted as a manga in the mid-1980s and went on to spawn an anime, video games and toys.

「魂ネイションズ AKIBAショールーム」で、等身大サジタリアスが展示中 聖闘士聖衣新作も []


    blows me away to see that, I have the very same armor over my desk, but in it's Sagittarius form, all the parts are exactly the same except for the arm bracers, that are less detailed in the model.
    I remember that the original author said that the armor were designed so that they could be used in real life, I guess he wasn't lying.

      You have desk armor?
      that is so cool.
      Do you take it in to battle with you?

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