Wario Helps Show This Developer The Money

Wario Helps Show This Developer The Money

Tiburcio de la Cárcova, co-founder of social games studio Atakama Labs, doesn’t sell things at a cash register. His games go out over the internet. Meaning a sale isn’t as satisfying as seeing cash in the hand!

So he built this awesome Wario Robot (with help from his daughter!) to help make everything seem a little more real. Programmed to check his company’s store once a minute, every time the robot detects a sale, it reacts. So Tiburcio can be cooking some dinner, and ding, he knows he’s made money. Doing the laundry, ding, more money. Brushing his teeth, ding, hey, more money.

Arduino-Controlled Wario and Sales Alerts [MAKE]


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