Why The Street Fighter That (Almost) Killed Street Fighter Deserved To Come Back

Why The Street Fighter That (Almost) Killed Street Fighter Deserved To Come Back

After Capcom released Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike near the turn of the century, the company pretty much got out of the Street Fighter business. The series faded away for a decade and fighting games, once a marquee attraction became a side show.

Good going, 3rd Strike. And… welcome back?

This year, riding the wave of a Street Fighter resurgence that began with 2009’s Street Fighter IV, 3rd Strike is back as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Online Edition, a downloadable, enhanced port of the game available for download later this year on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Why did this game deserve to come back? How has it been enhanced? And what’s it mean for people who maybe started Street Fighting with Street Fighter IV. Capcom’s Seth Killian explained it all to us yesterday during a noisy demo of the game in New York.


  • Ridiculous. The idea that sf3 in some way damaged the street fighter name is nonsense. 3rd strike is my favorite sf and I know I’m not alone in that one.
    Sf3 was the game the die hards wanted after alpha/zero series went a bit casual.

    • Unfortunately its NOT about the die hard fans.

      It did almost kill the street fighter franchise but only because of the lack of familiar characters for the more casual fans to identify with (lets forget about the game mechanics for awhile).

      I think Capcom was bold in introducing a whole cast of characters like this because lets face it…nearly all fighters keep every single character with every iteration.

      I would prefer more companies do what Capcom did with 3rd Strike…but money talks, and street fighter popularity plummeted.

      • No, I don’t that’s what it was. It’s more the fact that Arcades became irrelevant and it just took them forever to make the decision to drop 2D sprites.

  • I agree with Greyson.(My fav as well) I think they just didn’t know where to go after third strike. It was so well executed plus the EX 3D street fighters were pretty bad.

  • Yea 3rd Strike was sick. Although I must admit I only ever used Ryu or Ken haha =P

    Would’ve loved to see this game get the 3D SFIV-style overhaul.

  • Wow, this is a pretty unfair call. The death of the arcade and weakening of the SF franchise is far better associated with the rise of the console and the Tekken/3D fighter scene. King of Fighters pretty much died during that time as well but you can’t blame 3s for that.

    Lack of accessibility in terms of characters is legit as a commentary [particularly with the first two SF3 games, less so with the third], but also noteworthy is the fact the game did not ever receive a legitimate Western console release which was suicide with the PSX doing so well at the time [albeit incapable of emulating the game].

    That said it seems unlikely that 3s: Online is going to appeal to the masses, though given the nature of the content added to the game it is pretty clear that isn’t their market anyway.

    Shrugs, glib is glib.

  • Playing that on dreamcast, right now! In SF4 i’ve tried to diversify somewhat- but in 3 I was / am the biggest ken whore, so soz… Nothing better than parrying into massive flaming super shoyryukens (wile constantly karachuckin them in the corner)

    So buying this.

  • What’s wrong with the ‘Alpha’ series? Absolutely nothing! “Street Fighter Alpha 2” is my favorite Street Fighter game.

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