An Amazing Documentary About The Street Fighter Who Can't Kick

This clip, which debuted over the weekend at fighting tournament EVO 2011, isn't one of those gag documentaries, with crummy acting and a couple of cheap gags. It is, in all seriousness, a serious documentary. About Street Fighter's Balrog.

When I say serious, it's serious! This is a look art the life and times of the man, the events and the people who shaped him and turned him from a thug boxer into a straight-up thug.

Don't let the sloppy punches in the opening throw you: there is real quality here. And also Arsenio Hall.


    This is actually amazing

    Holy Shit that was Good! Thanks so much for posting it!

    I was very surprised, I didn't expect much at all but that was actually really good.

    Hahaha I got confused because I thought Balrog = clawguy.

      In a way, you weren't wrong. In the Japanese versions of the games, M. Bison (sometimes called Dictator by fans to avoid the naming convention issue) is called Vega, Vega (Claw) is called Balrog, and Balrog (Boxer) is M. Bison. As Capcom were concerned about being sued for having an extremely dirty boxer called M. Bison (a not so subtle take on Mike Tyson), they switched a few of the names for English releases of Street Fighter II, and they've kept the naming convention ever since.

      This is actually why the joke is made in the video about changing around the characters' names when Balrog (Boxer) wins them in a card game. :-)

    I thought that was going to be a parody, but that was pretty damn awesome.

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