Did Lil Wayne Sample Sword & Sworcery?


    Slow news day?

      It's another fine example of Kotaku US reporting - employing only the highest of standa....hahahahhahaha.

      Damn, almost made it through that.


    "I like mah gurl dick"

      I too heard that... rather Freudian.

    WTF, what the hell was that? I agree with RUFiO.

    I don't get it? I just heard Lil Wayne grunting incoherent lyrics into a mic?

    "What goes around comes around like a hula hoop"

    Lyrical genius right there. Forget Kanye, this guy is the voice of a generation...

    Oh man I sure do love video games

    Perhaps it's my browser, but the doesn't seem to be an article here...

      That should read 'there' not 'the'

    Weezy didn't sample it, a producer who Wayne bought the beat off of did.

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