FarmVille Maker Has One More Lawsuit To Worry About Now

FarmVille Maker Has One More Lawsuit To Worry About Now

FarmVille and Mafia Wars maker Zynga, has been slapped with another lawsuit, this time for patent infringement.

New York-based Segan wants to get paid for a 2006 patent it holds — “system for viewing content over a network” — claiming Zynga is violating it. Sound like patent trolling to you? [Bloomberg]


  • Well that could be anything now couldn’t it, it’s far too broad if that’s all the patent is made up of.. I could tell you Microsoft will follow that up about viewing files over a network.
    Patents go far and beyond these days >__> *sarcasm*

  • I’ve looked at the patent. The patent was initially filed in 2000, and granted in 2006. It’s a process-patent, made in a time where the internet was a lot smaller and this sort of thing could potentially have been considered unique. Given the fact that there is no actual unique design, IP, art or anything like that, but rather the system under which all such things might work together, the patent does seem rather vague. As such, it will be hard to establish that Zynga is using the exact same system as patented.

    Safe money is on Zynga here

  • That podcast on “patent trolling” was actually fascinating. Thanks for posting it!

    Though I have serious trouble feeling any sympathy for Zygna after that whole “I don’t fucking want innovation” deal.

  • Patent trolling or whatever, who cares? If anything (no matter how ridiculous) results in Zynga dying in the arse then it’s a good thing.

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