Gundam In Awesome Toy Trailer Form

Game trailers? Whatever. All the cool kids like watching figurine trailers, because there's something fist pumping about watching moving images of plastic mecha flying through the air.

These mecha will appear in the upcoming Gundam Age, the new Gundam series penned by Akihiro Hino from Level-5. Hino designs the Professor Layton games, among other titles. The Gundame Age mecha won't talk. THANK GOD.


    As bad as AGE looks, Bandai does good, fun kits and I would recommend anyone to do them. My kids and I really enjoy when we can all sit down together. My daughter does some really simple ones, my son and I do the 1/100 MG ones. But we started on the 1/444 HG kits and they are a fun way to spend an afternoon. :)

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